Information on payment at Pension Karina

For direct booking via our website or by phone

If you book directly through our Pension Karina, you do not usually need to provide any credit card details or we will ask you to do so. There are no prepayments when booking. Payment will be made directly at the guest house check-out or on request at check-in. When paying we accept different cards or cash. When booking through our own website, there are no hidden or additional booking fees.
When paying by credit card, billing takes place in euros. Tax rates and exchange rates correspond to the date of the accounting and debit of the card.
Cancellation fees can be charged each time the booking is accepted.

When booking via booking portals

As a rule, booking in booking portals takes place via the mandatory entry of valid credit card data. We require this information in order to secure the booking in case it is after the cancellation free of charge or the guest does not arrive. In this case, the credit card will be charged with the amount due according to the cancellation policy.
Pension Karina has the right to verify your credit card in advance and, if necessary, to cancel a booking.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods and credit cards to pay for your stay:

  • cash payment (in euros only)
  • Euro check card (Maestro card)
  • Euro Card / Mastercard
  • VISA
  • On account by bank transfer and gfs. against reimbursement

Of course, you can change the method of payment on departure and pay in cash, with no additional fees. Please understand that we do not accept any foreign currency.

Accepted credit cards from Pension Karina

Accepted credit cards from Pension Karina