According to Wikipedia is a guesthouse “… a tourist accommodation that offers accommodation with (compared to the Hotel Schwerin) provides limited services … “and is designed for short-stay guests. For the guests, however, the focus is on exploring the surrounding area with its famous sights.

What is the difference between a Hotel Schwerin or a guest house?

It is often chosen by the B&B guests a day or weekly holiday in a guest house. These accommodations – also known as guest rooms – offer furnished guestrooms that are cleaned daily. There is also a offer of food and drinks, but only for house guests.

Breakfast at Café Karina

Breakfast at Café Karina

The accommodation compared to the hotel Schwerin by definition Services & Services like the daily bed-making and cleaning of the rooms as well as the offer of food and drinks – but only to house guests, In addition, pensions are mainly used in tourist regions such as the state capital Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern also offered by private room rental companies.

guest houses are always simply furnished …?

A guest house defines itself classically Wikipedia usually as a house with multiple guest rooms and with basic facilities. But is that really still the case and is it still up-to-date in tourism regions like Schwerin? … this is supposed to be the biggest difference between a hotel in Schwerin and a Bed an Breakfast. Hotels have the same purpose but are often equipped with a higher standard. But is that really and always the case? Check out our rooms and services and convince yourself of the difference between hotel and guest house.

guest house Karina Schwerin single room

Services in Schwerin Hotel vs. guest house

Both hotels in Schwerin and guesthouses in Schwerin offer food and lodging services. The Reception is often not at a guest house 7 days a week and 24 hours occupied, As a rule, guesthouses do not have their own kitchen, and often only breakfast offered to guests. Usually, for these reasons guest houses are often cheaper than hotels in Schwerin and much easier equipped. Services are in a guest house thus on the room cleaning reduced.